Is your home fit for sale? Keep it in shape with our simple weekly workout

April 29, 2024

Whether your home is already on the market or about to go up for sale, making sure it looks the part for viewings, even at short notice, is the way...

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Outgrown your home? Getting it right when it’s time to upsize

April 15, 2024

People outgrow their homes for all sorts of reasons, from pure practicalities to aspirational dreams. Maybe your family’s growing, you're thinking about schools, or you can simply afford to go...

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Get sold this spring: give your home an instant spring lift to sell fast and high

April 1, 2024

Daffodils, bluebells, and tulips are out in force, and bare branches are filling with leaves and blossom: it must be spring! As the time of fresh starts, now is when...

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Conflicting valuations: how do you know which agent has given you the right price?

March 18, 2024

Imagine putting your home on the market in spring, then missing the two best seasons to get the best price, and finally selling for less money in winter - how...

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Four ways to declutter: add value and space with the perfect method for you

March 4, 2024

Even though it can add thousands to your selling price and give you more space to enjoy, decluttering can feel like a mountain to climb. As well as the dilemma...

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Changes to selling homes: how do the new trading standards rules affect your move?

February 19, 2024

You're not alone if you think the way homes are advertised needs a jolly good shake-up, and that's exactly what's happening with the new trading standards rules. From buyers and...

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A new look for 2024? Discover the year’s first major trends for home interiors

February 5, 2024

Style and comfort are the perfect combination for every home - not just for quality moments, but also for adding value when you want to move. Interior trends have a...

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Reset the clock: how to relaunch your home for New Year selling success

January 22, 2024

The start of every year brings new energy to the property market, so if you had no luck selling your home in 2023, take comfort that hope is still on...

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Shopping for selling: style your home to sell with tips from the January sales

January 8, 2024

Well-styled homes consistently sell for the highest prices, and if you're planning to move this year, January is the perfect time to bag some designer bargains and stage your home...

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A cracking Christmas: get inspired with our tips for fun days out and new pursuits

December 26, 2023

Yes, there’s turkey to finish, new gadgets to play with and chocolate for days, but what happens next? As well as being the time of year to slow down and...

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